The Antler Approach to Weight loss, Excuse me!

The odds are, you are familiar with the Antler Approach to weight loss.  The truth of the matter is you most likely participate in it on a regular basis.  So what is it and how do I know if I am one of “those” people.

Well the first thing you need to know about the Antler Approach is that you must have seen a moose either on TV, a magazine, or maybe read about one on wikipedia. I put a link in here for those that have never heard of a moose.

moosesStep two you must say, “Mooses” and throw up an antler sign when ever you are leaving a room.  Because i rymes with “deuces”   Get it?! . . . Sorry I will move on.

The final thing you need to know, if you didn’t get completely sucked into the wikipedia article, is that moose lose their antlers every year, and they KNOW IT!  After mating season moose, and other antlered animals, lose their antlers.  The next year they spend all summer trying to get them back, which means that have to EAT and EAT and EAT!

This is what we do!

FOODWe eat and eat and eat “knowing” that we will be able to burn those calories off, especially once we start a fitness program.  The common phrase,”I worked out today. . .” or “Well i am will be working out tomorrow. . .” is a justification for why we are going to gorge today or even just eat an extra few bites.

If the goal is to lose weight then this antler approach to weight loss needs to stop.  I am guilty of this a TON, especially when it comes to holidays.  “Well, it is a holiday and I am going to exercise it all off anyways, so i might as well eat 500 cookies!” (trust me I could do it).

Let’s make a packed or at least commit to not using the Antler Approach.  If we are trying to lose a few pounds then let’s try and commit all the time.  Let us never use our exercising as an excuse to eat more.  In fact lets use our exercising to eat a little less and be really conciouse of what types of food we are eat.

Note: If you are an elite athlete and training for something crazy like the Olympics then EAT!  Make sure you are eating enough to keep you fueled for all the calories you are burning.  If you aren’t an elite athlete or training for something crazy then NO MORE Antlers.

Until next time, “MOOSES!”

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