The Misunderstood Foodie

Organic JerkI recently read an article called “The Organic Jerk.”  While the article was interesting and had some valid points I thought the most important piece being left out was the since of elitism, which has nothing to do with organic foods.

In fact, we celebrate elitism in our culture and it really is the basis of why we act the way we act or don’t act.

In the world of health and fitness we want to know everything there is to know about everything.  We also assume what we are told is fact, even if the source isn’t credible.  We want to be right so bad that we will put other people down in the process, dismiss their information even without doing any bit of research on if the information we are hearing is accurate.  The sad part is when the “truth” or facts behind the claim are brought into question we get all defensive.  It is like we hold on to these false claims as an identity.

biggest loser logoMy wife and I have been really into watching the “Biggest Loser” and in every episode the contestants and the instructors have to battle this identity crisis.  “I am fat” so there for “I must be fat.”  “I am a trainer” and therefore “I can’t have anything wrong with me.”  When all too often these issues prevent you from making a change.

So naturally asking the question, “Can i substitute this spinach with Kale?” comes off with this sense of arrogance.  Especially when the response is “I am sorry we don’t have Kale here” and the the customer storms out.

I find that the more we can be honest.  The more we can tell other people where we are struggling.  The more we are able to really wrestle with why we are so protective of this knowledge.  The more we will be able to grow.  The more we will be able to lift up our friend who is struggling with weight, addiction, or eating habits.

I find that the honest I can be with my friends and family the more they are willing to push back into my life and allow me to change.  They allow me the ability to tackle something much bigger than myself.

If you are struggling with something, PLEASE, let some one know.  Being over weight is not about the eating or lack of exercise.  It is much deeper than that and the conversation needs to get started.  If for nothing else message me on Twitter @TimLCoooley or email me and I will start.  I will let you know where I am struggling and would love to have your feedback and allow you to live in my life.

I look forward to what coolefitness will bring to everyone, but I would much rather build an amazing relationship than give you exercises that won’t change how you feel on the inside and how you express that on the outside.


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