The top 5 reasons to try hemp oil this year

The hemp plant produces seeds known as hemp seeds from which oil is extracted. Oil from the hemp seeds is called hemp oil or hemp seed oil and has various health benefits to the body and is also frequently used as a beauty aid. Although not much has been said about the oil, it has been known to be effective in many instances, providing solutions to different health conditions. Here are five reasons why you give the hemp oil a try.

Beautiful and glowing skin

A wonderful blend of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids provides the top components that make up hemp oil. In addition to the fatty acids, the oil also contains linoleic acid which reduces skin inflammation. The oil helps in moisturizing the skin and is mostly recommended for dry skin and nails to increase water retention in tissues underlying the skins’ outer layer aiding in the regeneration of the skin cells.

Healthy hair

For a long time now, hemp oil has been used to maintain healthy and shiny looking hair. Apart from direct application to the hair, hemp oil can be used in making a hair mask which is applied on a weekly basis. Lipids called ceramides which retain moisture that prevents the hair from drying are present in hemp oil and its usage is beneficial to your hair’s health.

Boosts immunity

The high fatty acid intake which balances the immunity levels in the body improves the immune system increasing the production of endocannabinoids. The fatty acids are also essential in the regulation of the gut flora, eliminating any chances of constipation and protecting your body from diseases like colon cancer by forming a barrier against bacteria.

A healthy nervous system

The nervous system and the brain are among the top body parts that should always be healthy for the proper functioning of the body. Fatty acids are very important in the health of these two organs due to the coordination required between these organs through the nerves.

A healthy brain maintains and ensures smooth functioning of the nervous system allowing the transmission of signals from one neuron to another in different parts of the body. A sufficient intake of fatty acids prevents demyelination, lowering the risk of brain and nervous deterioration which can lead to nervous breakdowns.

Reduces arthritis pain and effects

People suffering from arthritis can utilize hemp oil through application to the skin in areas affected by arthritis. Hemp oil can also be taken orally by ingesting the gel tabs, which are readily absorbed into the bloodstream giving effective results. It can also be blended with other drinks like smoothies and drank to increase the body’s uptake of Omega 3 fatty acids. The Omega 3 fatty acids and inflammatory effects, reduce pain felt from arthritis, improving the condition.

Hemp oil can prevent the rise of various medical conditions as well as help you reduce and improve medical conditions like arthritis. Order hemp oil from and start your journey towards healthy living from your hair to the entire body.

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