Top 5 Workout Trends in 2017

The fitness world doesn’t stay static. It keeps changing, with each year adding something new to how we workout. While in 2016 the focus of workout tended to be on strength training, 2017 is going to be all about heart-racing exercise. There is also an exciting and growing focus on combining exercise with technology, making the most of both worlds.

So, let’s examine the top five workout trends in 2017.

Exercising like a child

Fitness might sometimes seem like the most important thing in the world but it isn’t. You should never start taking working out too seriously or you will lose all the fun. Because it is all about fun and in 2017, you can let yourself go. The biggest fitness trends of the year are about exercising like a child.

The biggest workout of the year might well end up being crawling. Yes, crawling is a popular new trend. Crawling is actually a good form of exercising. It’ll help with stiff joints as it improves with strength and posture. The posture that you need to take and the movements you make will develop and strengthen your core muscles. If you want a stronger back and a flatter stomach, then crawling can be a great way to get them.

If you don’t like to start crawling around the gym, then there are other ways to exercise like a child. You could get involved with some water sports, start exercising with friends in water fights or Frisbee or just go running around the woods.

Combine your exercise routines

In 2017, more than ever, the focus is on trying new things and doing things differently. The workout routines are not supposed to be boring and you shouldn’t focus on just a single routine you follow. Instead, you want to combine different exercise routines to create a hybrid fitness experience.

One of the most popular combination routines is going to be HIIT Yoga. The exercise will combine 10-minutes of yoga with 10-minutes of HIIT and this swapping of routines will happen for an hour. It’s rather demanding but fun way to get yourself active.

If you’re not into HIIT, keep the yoga and just swap it with something else, preferable aerobic. It could be spinning or rowing. However, if strength training is your thing, you could just do some weight lifting and then add a bit of yoga to the start and end of your session.

Punching your way to fitness

Boxing is going through a real revival. Boxing gyms are crowding up – not just with men but also women. There are tons of things to do in these classes as well. Boxing is not just about punching people in the face but there are things like boxfit and boxercise classes that combine the elements of boxing with other exercises. Boxing is definitely worth trying out. It helps build core strength, it provides you with agility and it’s great for improving your posture.

High altitude training

Things are becoming a bit more scientific in 2017. While athletes have been training in high altitude for ages, us mere mortals are doing it as well this year. So, if you are planning a holiday, you might want to book yourself a trip to mountains of Switzerland or somewhere exotic in South America.

There are tons of benefits to high altitude training. It will boost the number of red cells in your body and this will help your body carry more nutrients to your muscles. Therefore, you can exercise harder and recover quicker from such an intensive training.

 Adding technology to your sessions

The trend of smart devices in fitness has started a few years back. But this trend of combining exercise with technology will continue in 2017. Smart devices, such as fitness bands, will be a big part of ensuring you are doing enough exercise. These bands will be used to keep us going – they remind you when you’ve been inactive for too long and keep you in check of getting enough steps done during the day.

But there are other innovative ways technology will come to be a core part of exercise this year. Things such as the DNA Fit tests will provide people with a better understanding of what is going on with their bodies. There are even wearable’s that will better monitor the individual parts of your body and tell you what is happening when you engage with exercise.

Now, the most exciting development is the VR. Tons of games in VR will help you exercise in interesting environments without going to the gym. Wearable technology has one downside and that is the price – it can add to your exercise costs. The good news is that voucher campaigns available at HotUKSavings often feature fitness specific deals – retailers understand that people want to stay healthy and they want to help people do so.


So, if you want to do something a bit different in 2017, these workout trends are worth keeping in mind. They will ensure you can have fun while staying fit.

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