Track Your Fitness as a Group with The Fit Crowd

Stop just tracking your self and track your friends

ActivityUltimately, diet and exercise determine our quality of life as humans, they ensure our longevity and help to keep us fighting fit and ready to fend off illness.

So, as you can imagine, it’s important to strike a healthy balance with our diet and fitness regime. But, whether we are out at a restaurant or in the gym, it can be hard to determine whether what we are doing is correct.

Apps such as My Fitness Pal have given us the means to log many aspects of our lives – helping us to reinforce that what we are eating and the exercise we are doing is paying dividends.

That’s great, but, I’ve always wanted to see competition bought into the app market. I’d like to be able to see how my friends are performing, how much weight they’ve lost and how many calories they’ve burned over the last week – for someone like me, that’s very driven by competition, this would be just the kick I needed to push myself harder in the gym.

Heart RateFurther to my own personal and selfish desires, this could lend itself to personal training – as a trainer would be able to see the progress that their clients are making and would be able to check that they’re following their diet and exercise plan. This would then lead to much more personalized advice from the trainer – enabling us to see better results, faster.

The Fit Crowd

I was starting to think that such a tool would never exist, but, I’m lucky enough to be able to bring you the inside scoop on The Fit Crowd. This tool does exactly what I’ve described above, and much more!

Individuals can log their activity and diet – which you can do manually, or, you can connect to your favorite mobile apps (that you already use) and the information will be automatically loaded into your account.

You can then create groups (choosing whether you want to share your progress with other group members, or not) and start tracking your progress against your friends, family or colleagues.

interestsThis is great for personal trainers, they’ll be able to see all of their client details from a single screen – seeing who is excelling and who is falling behind. That way, they know where to focus more attention to help all their clients succeed equally.

This service is still in development, but is going to be launched very soon. You can register your interest here.

Our lives are becoming increasingly intertwined with technology, this is the next logical step.

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