Tricks to Enjoying Exercise for the Fitness-Averse

Exercise is HARD. You know it, I know it, but it is most effective in assisting with diabetes control(type 2), increasing weigh loss and more importantly just living a healthier life. Not only is exercise hard, but it can be boring, if you are repeating the same run over and over again or even repeating that same exercise video for the 50th time, so getting the right amount of daily exercise can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to make exercise more enjoyable. Here, are some ideas to help revitalize your excitement to get your burn on.

Dress for Success

Buy some new clothes.  There is a sense of responsibility once you have made a purchase.  If you are a fashionista you get to show off your new digs.  If Fashion isn’t your thing at least you got new clothes that fit and are comfortable.  If you need new cloths choose lightweight clothing that allow for easy movement. Comfortable shoes are also essential! Many injuries can be prevented with a good pair of shoes.  Go to a specialty shoe store.  They will be more equipped to help you choose the right shoe for your activity.  Next put those shoes on!  Many people find that simply putting on their workout shoes can get them in the mood for physical fitness activities.
Set Up a Soundtrack

Music has the power to tap into a person’s mind and alter their mood. Use a specific mix for your workout.  combined with the shoes you will be set to get going.  Also during the day you will hear one of your songs, from the mix, and it will remind you to exercise or remind you of the work you already did.  This gets you motivated to do it again!  Start with a song that gets you in the mood to do something. Then, add some tracks that keep you moving, you know the songs … Guilty pleasures?!  Mix in songs that get you pumped!  If there is a song that when you hear it you just bust out of your chair that song needs to be on you track!
Implement a Reward System

If getting healthy is not rewarding enough to get a person motivated, then implementing another type of exercise reward system can help fitness-averse folks get revved up for their workout. When choosing rewards, be sure to avoid products that are counter to what your current goals are, like food items. Try choosing new workout gear, a new outfit or even a new electronic accessory as an incentive for completing one’s goals.
Get Outside


Nature has a remarkable way of improving a person’s mood while inducing a state of relaxation. For those who find working out to be stressful, stepping outdoors can create the perfect atmosphere for peace. Walking, running and even yoga can all be done outside so that a person can enjoy some fresh air and receive the benefits of getting some sunshine. On rainy days, face workout equipment toward the window to get the benefits of an outdoor workout without getting soaked.
Engage in Play

Many people associate exercise with hard work and strenuous routines; however, some of the best exercise involves little more than engaging in play. Try spending some time running around with the grandchildren or round up some buddies for a rousing evening at the bowling alley. When it comes to meeting fitness goals, every bit of movement counts for a healthier physique.

By changing the ways that a person perceives exercise, meeting fitness goals will become easier. Staying motivated for exercise can be accomplished by incorporating a few elements that make workouts fun and engaging. Some comfortable clothing, a great soundtrack and some enjoyable activities that can be done in a natural environment will go a long way toward making exercise the top item on anyone’s to-do list that they will look forward to each day.

Author Bio:

Hi, I’m Beth Waters! I would like to call myself a supermom, but I really think all moms have super capabilities. I live a life focused on my fitness and health. A life-changing moment of mine was receiving a urinary catheter. Now, I embrace working out to the fullest and focusing on my health so I can live a long life for my children. Other than that, I’m your average mom that packs school lunches and enjoys treating myself with ice cream from time to time.

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