Urban Hiking

One of the best exercises for any of us is walking.  Unfortunately walking doesn’t really sound all that cool, nor does it get the awesomeness award for being such a healthy alternative to doing nothing.

It is assumed that in order to exercise we have to do some crazy work out program, other than exercising with Cool E Fitness of course.  But the truth is walking is one of the most incredible exercises most of need to do more.

In order to get us to walk more I am relabeling walking into the hottest most trendy exercise the summer of 2012 will ever see.  Put away those nifty skateboards with the poles.  Grab your hydration pack, or a water bottle and break out the most epic URBAN HIKE ever!

Urban HikingWhat is Urban Hiking?  I am glad you asked.

Urban Hiking combines the thrill of living in your city, town, village with the exploration of Christopher Columbus! (minus the boat).

Here is what you do.  Talk to someone, either in person or online, and then go meet with them at some place anywhere from 2 to 3 miles from you house.  Then Urban Hike it.  It may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get there, but man it will be awesome.  Once you are there refill your water bottle and when the adventure is over hike on back home.  However, this time take a different route or go by that one house you have had your eye on for years!

It is really up to you.  It is your adventure so get out there and do it.  My wife and I have been Urban Hiking for a few years now and I can tell you all kinds of fun stuff about the neighbors, their kids and the fun dogs along the way.  I have also used it to get to know the people in my neighborhood.

In all seriousness Urban Hiking (walking) is one of the best exercises for you as it causes the least amount of injury.  It also gets you out of your house.  You get to explore streets in your neighborhood you would never drive down.  And it is fun.

Please send your story of your latest Urban Hike.  The last one my wife and I did was 10 miles.  We walked to two friends houses, fed some cats and made it home in time for dinner (also we brought our dogs)!  I look forward to seeing your Urban Hiking stories.Cool E Family

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