Varied Exercises To Tone Your Abs With Weights


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Everybody wants to tone their abs because it helps them to look fit and stay healthy however it is not easy to get toned abs. Hitting to the gym on a daily basis can’t be an only solution because you have to maintain your diets along with it. There are many workouts that can easily help you to achieve toned abs. You should enhance your abs exercise process by adding extra weights which will boost up the core of your muscles.

Abs workout not only affects the abdomen area but it also other parts of the body like shoulder, lat, wrist, etc. While doing, abs exercise you should also take measures so that you shouldn’t gain fat in your belly rather you should put strength in your abs to reduce fats. However, it would take a lot of time to get a flat or toned abs so you should keep patience with your workout process. While working with weights, you shouldn’t opt for heavy weight until and unless you have that strength.

It is important to take measures while working with weights so you should workout in the smart and controlled way. According to many types of research, abs muscles work in every way so you should try every type of exercises. So while tightening your abs, you should also lookout for the other body parts otherwise it won’t provide an overall lean and fit body. You can either work with dumbbells or weight; it totally depends on upon your choice.

Ways to Tone Tummy

The following list will depict different exercises that will help you in getting toned abs with the help of weights. You should increase the weights according to advancement in your abs workout process but you should also workout with your instructor. These exercises are:

  • Roll back and up

It is extensive workout process because it crunches the muscle in your abdomen. Apart from abs it also affects the hand muscles, but you should opt for appropriate weight. First, you should sit straight stretching your leg and hold the weight in front yourself keeping the arm straight. Then from that position you should lie down while keeping the weight above your chest. During these, the abdomen crunches the core and glutes which are important for toning your abs.


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  • Side Rotation

First you should stand straight and put the weight in front of you while holding with both hand. The weight should stay at your chest level, and the legs should stay slightly stretched. At first, you should rotate so that your whole torso should move right then you should quick move to the opposite side. You can also do this exercise with some best adjustable dumbbells as it will offer better grip. It is recommended to repeat this workout as much as possible.

  • Abdominal Twist

This is an interesting workout process that affects the abdominal muscles by twist and punch. While you move with the weights, it works on the entire abdomen along with the oblique muscles. First, you should hold weights on both of your hands and keep them above your shoulder. Then try to move the weight in fist style while keeping the other leg on rest so that there is movement in your abdomen muscles. You should do this work out with fifteen to twenty times.


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  • Leg Raise With Weight

It is a traditional workout process that works on both thigh and abdomen. But they are not done with weights, but you should use try this exercise with for better effect. For doing this workout, you should lie and hold the weight with your both leg. Then you should try to lift the weight with your leg, and the legs should stay in stable position. However, you can ask your workout partner to hold the weight if you feel that it will slip from your leg.

  • Windmill

If you are looking for some new abs exercise process that will affect the side portion of your abdomen as well as your back muscles. Then you should try windmill workout which is an effective workout process. First, you should stand straight holding the weight at chin level and then spread your leg. Then you should stretch your right hand in such a way so that it touches the floor while with weight your other hand should be stretched towards the sky.


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  • Single Side Vertical Climb

This is another exercise that works on all the sides of your middle section, and it helps in core activation of your muscle. It also helps in strengthening your thigh muscles which are important to create a proper stability in your body, to do this exercise. First, you should stand in one leg holding separate weights while you should crunch your other leg pointing out on an angle. While standing in this posture, you should raise arm on another side while keeping the other arm on shoulder level.

  • Bow and Arrow Pull

This abs workout is slightly different from other exercise, but it will provide the same effect as others. It directly affects the whole abdomen area along with your backside. First, you should grab two weights on both of your hand and then sit in a squat position. Then you should bend your body slightly, but your chest should stay straight. After this, you should bend your knee then try to reach the floor with one hand like bow and arrow position. You should continue this workout for almost twenty times.


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Final View

Achieving a tone abs with weight is easy and simple, but you should follow every instruction properly otherwise you might get an injury. You shouldn’t take extra weights otherwise it might hamper your muscle, and there are other workouts you can also follow.

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