How Getting Fired Helped My Complexion

BeachOne of the biggest reasons why I started and Cool E Fitness was for people like myself.  We work unruly hours.  We get to work before the sun is able to warm us and get home only in time to watch the moon peak above us as we pull into the drive way.  We know this type of working environment isn’t healthy, but for whatever our reasons are we keep going back to those jobs.

Recently I was let go from a job, which I was completely grateful for.  Fortunately for me since this termination I have not felt better.  This isn’t because I have the opportunity to spend more time on this awesome business, but more so because I have seen the sun.

Vitamin D deficiencies aren’t all that common in the US culture, but they still happen.

Vitamin D productionSince being let go I have been able to go outside more, which should be the number one way we produce the usable form of Vitamin D in our bodies.  Fortunately there are many ways we can get vitamin D naturally other than the sun.  We can eat it like in many types of fishes; Salmon, Herring, Mackerel and Mushrooms.  We can also consume fortified versions like in milk.

Note: Fortified means it was added to the original.  For example if you fortify a wall you add more to the wall.  It doesn’t mean it exists naturally in the product.Vitamin D milk

I want to make this VERY clear.  Having a vitamin D deficiency is fairly rare in US culture, but if you were to be lacking this substance you might have muscle weakness, an increase risk of cardiovascular disease and,  in extreme cases in children, Rickets.

If you aren’t eating the right foods,  drinking fortified milk or going outside and exposing your skin to the sun you may want to consider getting fired to prevent yourself from getting Rickets.  I jest, but you get the idea.  Now that I am not working those crazy hours, not only did I get an awesome tan, but I also boosted my Vitamin D levels by about 9000%, this was in no way measured or accurate.

While Vitamin D deficiency is fairly uncommon it can be very common in people who tend to work and play in doors, people who maintain a very strict vegetarian diet and people who are lactose intolerant.

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