What is a weight loss Set Point

Congrats on working on extremely hard today. If you didn’t that is fine too, because I know you will be doing it soon, right?!  Anyways lets assume in this exercise session you burnt about 500 Calories.  If you did this 7 more time you would lose 1 pound!!  That is pretty awesome.

So during this week you burned an extra 1500 Calories and you go to a friends house for a little birthday bash.  You have a typical dinner and then the deserts show up.  You aren’t really hungry yet you keep eating.  You have a slice a cake, a cookie or 5 a cupcake and a root beer float.  You just consumed about 2000 calories in just the deserts.  You are kind of ok with this because you know you will be burning 500 calories tomorrow so you will break even.

Imagine your body weight being the solid straight line and the calories you eat are the wave ones. When it all adds up your weight stays the same.

This concept or really the action of this concept is called a Set Point.  Our bodies want to maintain homeostasis.  They want to maintain a normal balance.  So when you try to lose weight the body is like WHAT?!  It needs those calories to function “properly.”  You start eating and your body agrees that you need more of this so it really doesn’t tell you to stop.

The thing about a Set Point is that it can take about 6 months to create a new one.  I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear.  You wanted the quick life change, but that isn’t going to happen.  While being active is awesome if you don’t maintain that 1 pound loss your body will do what it can to keep you where you are at.

PrioritySo what to do if you body is fighting you?

  • Be determined.  Make not over eating a priority.  I know this is hard I struggle with this all the time, especially around cookies.
  •  If you make dinners to do left overs, which I highly recommend, then make your left over meals first and eat only what is left over in the pan for dinner.
  • Meal plan.  There are so many great resources on meal planning, one being a piece of paper and a pencil that can really help you understand and track what you are eating.
  • There are many other ways to do this, but for my last one: Talk to your self right before you gorge (this is when you just eat and eat and eat).  Ask yourself is what you are about to eat worth having to work that much harder to burn off.  Ask yourself how badly do I want to lose weight and would eating this mess up my goals.

This last process is the hardest.  You will feel guilty after eating whatever it is you are about to eat, because you know you let yourself down.  “why did I eat that piece of cake.  I didn’t even want it.”  Will be a common after math conversation.

I would love to know how you keep yourself from being tempted by over eating.

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