Why Cookies Are So Awesome

awesome cookiesI am ADDICTED to cookies.  I mean honestly there should be a group.  I would be “that” guy who is always resorting back to his old ways.  I truthfully can’t get enough. My addiction is so bad that I don’t even care about the cooked substance.  Cookie dough is just great all on its own and you don’t have to waist time dirtying other dishes or even heating the oven!

Why are these things so great?!

CARBS! well more specifically simple carbohydrates.  We have four taste sensations in our mouth; Sweet, Salty, Sour and Bitter.  Some will argue a fifth taste call Umami, which some translate to Savory, common in Japanese dishes.

Taste locations on the tongue

As you can see from the image above we have these taste buds that are specific to a certain location in our mouth.  Notice how Sweet an Salty are at they very beginning of our tongue.  These are like probes to see if what we are putting in our mouth is good for us.  We need Carbs to survive and salts to keep our bodies functioning properly so naturally it makes since to put those first.  This is why chocolate covered pretzels are EPIC! And why we want to put salt on everything we eat.sour

Since we don’t really like bitter or sour things they are in the back and closest to where we would actually swallow.  It is like this so we know when to puke and get rid of the bad food before it gets any further.  Not a bad design Big guy!

Another really interesting factoid about the design of our mouths and my addiction for cookies is the fact we start to salivate as soon as we smell something sweet.  This salivation is CRITICAL in the break down of the simple carbohydrates.  In fact, The saliva starts the break down process of simple sugars into glucose.

Challenge: Next time you eat a cracker or cookie just let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds.  Watch how quickly it breaks down into just mush.  It doesn’t taste all that great after it starts the break down process, but it still fun to do and show people what it looks like.

Because our bodies desire carbohydrates the absorption of these carbs starts as soon as the sugars are introduced into the mouth.  Depending on the complexity of the sugar it is possible for it to be completely absorbed before it even enters our stomach.

What?!  That is right the reason we don’t get “FULL” on many dishes is that it never even made it to our stomachs!!!!!!

The process of feeling full is the act of stretching mechano-receptors in the lining of the stomach.  If the food never gets there it is impossible to feel full!  VERY INTERESTING!

This is the true reason why I can eat so many cookies.  I am not getting full on them and there for I still feel hungry.  Also I am getting a HUGE increase in my blood sugars and I want to keep eating to help curb that feeling.

So with your help I will try and stop my addiction to cookies, well probably not, but at least I wrote a cool article about my addiction and you all now can make fun of me when you see me.

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