Why is losing weight too fast bad

 How Instant Weight Loss Effects the Body

Weight loss has many health benefits since it reduces the risk of contracting many diseases like hypertension, heart problems among others. It also helps you to get your desired body shape. Due to this, many people opt to use methods that will enable them to lose weight instantly. One thing that you should keep in mind is that any instant change in your body leads to a change in its normal functioning. Fast weight loss affects your body’s ability to metabolize because it was not given enough time to acclimatise to the new changes. This causes side effects as your body tries to adjust to the fast reduction in the amount of body fat. The major problems that are caused by fast weight loss are;

Gall Stones

• The gall bladder is a small sac that is located below the liver. When you reduce the amount of food that you eat cholesterol and bile salts in your gall bladder will be affected. The sudden balance in the cholesterol level causes it to form solid lumps that are known as gall stones.

• Gall stones obstruct the passages in the liver and the gall bladder. Due to this bile does not reach the small intestine causing indigestion. Gall stones also cause infections and they also increase the risk of contracting liver diseases significantly.

• Gall stones are very painful and they may also cause pancreatic and bladder infections. Gallstones are the most severe condition that is caused by fast weight loss.

Take a moment to google image gall stones, it is kind of gross, but fascinating.  Here is a quick link: Gull Stone Images.


• Losing body fat quickly is difficult. Manufacturers of diet pills and other instant weight products understand this and they also know that water makes up most of your body’s weight. The instant weight loss methods cause your body to lose water quickly so that you can get noticeable changes in a few days.

• The instant water loss causes dehydration and also affects your body’s metabolism significantly since you don’t have enough water to enable the body to carry out its functions normally.

Losing weight too fast - hair lossHair Loss

• Hair is made up of a protein known as keratin. It also needs adequate proteins to grow. When you change your diet plan the body does not get enough proteins.

• Due to this you don’t have enough protein for hair growth.

Increases Stress

• Starving or depriving yourself food reduces your body’s metabolism. This causes your body to produce more cortisol hormone. The hormone makes you stressed as your body tries to adjust to the abrupt changes.

Become Tired Easily

• When you starve yourself your body fails to get enough carbohydrates and other nutrients. Without enough carbohydrates your body does not have enough energy which makes you tired when you are working or exercising.

• It also increases the chances of becoming injured since your body does not have adequate calcium and other minerals that are needed to make your bones strong.

Feeling Cold

• This is a temporary side effect that occurs when you have undergone weight loss surgery. Surgery removes body fat which insulates your body. This makes your body to shiver as it tries to adjust to new ways of insulating.

• However your body will adjust to the new changes and you will stop shivering.

Loss of You Body’s Muscle Mass

• Loss of muscle mass occurs because you are not eating proteins that build your body’s tissues. Starving yourself also causes the body to burn the muscle tissues.

Hanging Skin

• Instant weight loss makes you to lose body fat quickly without giving the skin enough time to tighten on the body. This causes the skin to hang. With time your skin will tighten on the body. EHIC allows you to get free or subsidised state provided health care in most European countries. It will enable you to seek medical advice and treatment when you are affected by the side effects of instant weight loss.

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