Why Yoga is Perfect for Fall Fitness

As the bright colors of spring and summer give way to the crisp golds, reds, oranges, and purples of autumn, you may find yourself looking for a fresh fun exercise to get you out of a workout rut. See why yoga practice is worth a second look this fall:

Great Outdoor Exercise

Working out indoors with air conditioning completely made sense during the hot summer months, but the cool fall air affords you a new opportunity to take your workout routine outside. In addition to low-impact activities like cycling and hiking, yoga practice provides a unique approach to fall fitness, especially when practiced outdoors.

For one, the tactile and visible connection to nature when practicing yoga outside reinforces foundational yoga principles of self-awareness, kindness, and mind-body connection. And secondly, core components of meditation and deep breathing are taken to another level when you’re inhaling fresh, cool air and surrounded by sounds of nature.

How exactly do you practice yoga outside? Check with local yoga studios or gyms to see what outdoor classes they offer, find out if there is a local Meetup yoga group that holds outdoor events, or simply livestream a free instructional yoga tutorial off Youtube in the comfort of your own backyard.

Time of Transition

As the leaves change colors and go through their period of dying and falling off to make way for new life and foliage, it’s hard not to think about change and transition in your own life. Often the most tumultuous periods in life are times of transition, whether they involve moving, starting a new job, taking big steps in a relationship, or even grieving the loss of a loved one.

Yoga practice can play a crucial role in those times of transition, giving you a steady and positive activity to turn to when you are feeling stressed or uncertain. The bountiful color and natural plenty fall offers also serves as a reminder to try new things – and when it comes to yoga, variety abounds.

Myriad yoga styles can offer you different experiences and benefits, from Lyengar to Bikram to Vinyasa, and yoga practice tailored to special needs makes it a go-to activity for everyone from kids to elderly adults. Consider trying a new style, class, or instructor this fall, and look at incorporating helpful props that can enhance your flexibility and strength, like yoga blocks, blankets, and straps – see more here.

Prepares Your for the Holidays

Much of fall seems like a titillating build-up to the holiday season, as aromas of pumpkin spice and cinnamon give way to peppermint and pine. For many, however, the holidays is a mixed bag of emotions – excitement and joy get stirred up with nostalgia, loneliness, and anxiety over the ending of another year.

Embrace a new routine of yoga practice as a health booster and stress reliever that will fortify you against holiday blues (and unwanted holiday weight!). Yoga’s muscle and bone building stretches and poses help you build up strength, range of motion, and flexibility, while the mindfulness pieces of breathing practice and meditation reduce stress and anxiety levels.

A healthy habit of practicing yoga can come in handy in helping you stay grounded amidst the chaos of the holiday season, and what better time to start, than in the fall before time seems to fly by.

In addition to tackling high stress levels, yoga practice has been shown to help reverse bone loss, lower blood pressure, reduce risk of falling in seniors, as well as prevent obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Not sure where to start on your yoga hunt? Use free online services like YogaFinder.com, ClassPass.com, or DoYogaWithMe.com to track down yoga classes near you and get signed up.

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