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Working from home doesn’t always lend to an opportunity to get away from the home/office during the day. Whether you’re an introvert, workaholic, or just don’t like peeling your pajamas off, staying holed up in the house all week isn’t good for your health. You have to get outside and not to just check the mail, although at least that gives you some vitamin D.

Now for the good news: If you’re telecommuter or a stay-at-home parent, you can use the privacy of your home to engage in ridiculously fun workouts.  If you haven’t seen the Prancercise video, warning this video is not for the visual unimpaired, now is your chance to give this revolutionary workout a try. And no one will ever see your workout routine! (and let’s keep it that way)

If that is not your cup of joe then don’t be afraid to make time for a silly workout when you have a chance. Believe it or not the suggestions below are effective.  The key is that you just have to do something and these are a great way to release some stress and get the body movin’.

Air Punches

Is your boss driving you crazy or are you pissed at one of your kids? Close the door to your office or bedroom and throw some air punches. Pretend you’re hitting your micro-managing boss square in the nose. Don’t stop until you’ve hit him several times. Just make sure to close the window shades or your neighbors might wonder what’s going on. If you are old school mix in some TaeBo Speed bag!

Squat Thrusts on the Way to the Fridge

You have to get up from your desk to eat, right? Make the journey to the fridge benefit your body in some way. I’m sure you remember the squat thrust from your Junior High gym class. Just because you did them in Junior High doesn’t mean they were bad for you.

Squat Thrust


A cousin of the squat thrust, the burpee is a great exercise to do behind closed doors. If you’re a fitness freak, you’ll love these. Personally, I call them “barfees” because doing them makes me want to vomit, but they are good for you, or so I am told. The best part is you only have to do a few to really feel the burn.  It is OK afterwards to lay on the ground for a bit.  Try at least one and GO!

Use Your Stairs

Who needs a gym when they’ve got stairs? Instead of Prancercize, try stairsercizing. If you have stairs in your home, use them to your advantage by running up and down them a few times each day. Try running backwards for a little variety, just be sure hang on to the railing!


PlanksRemember the planking video () that went viral? Why don’t you try real planking  You can perform this awesome core strength exercise without having to worry about being embarrassed: No one will ever see you!

Soup Can Weights

Use items you have around the house to your advantage. Soup cans make great hand weights. Use them for a couple of reps while your lunch is heating in the microwave. Keep it up and you’ll notice a difference in your arms. The Pilates and Full Body exercise program on Cool E Fitness uses soup cans on a regular basis.  You wouldn’t believe how heavy those little things can get.

Take a Bike Ride on Your Lunch

This suggestion is an obvious one, but it’s still a great way to fit in a short workout. On your next break, instead of throwing some laundry in the washing machine, hop on your bike and take a short ride around the neighborhood. If you need to run an errand close to home, try biking instead of taking your car.

Exercise Bikes

Check out the recumbent exercise bike reviews to ensure you get the best information on exercises for your home workout. Recumbent exercise bike reviews also reveal that exercising at home can be made a lot easier by using effective exercise strategies.

What exercises do you do in your home where no one can see?

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