You Need Accountability!!!

Hey good people! That’s you – and I’m Christopher with In my last post I talked about how consistency in your exercise program drives the results you’re after, and how a program helps to keep you consistent. A program is most definitely something you need in order to stay consistent, and something else that helps maintain consistency is accountability.

Accountability is something that anything that intends to be successful will have. Businesses have game plans (a program) full of goals with numbers attached to them, and then they hold themselves and their employees accountable for reaching those goals and Trainer accountabilitynumbers. Athletes are accountable to their teammates and their coaches for doing their part and making the plays. And if you want to be successful getting into shape, you need to make yourself accountable.

Now, as a personal trainer, this is one of the things I often point out to prospective clients as one the reasons it’s a great idea to hire a trainer, and that’s true. But having a trainer is not the only way to keep yourself accountable, and if I was your trainer I would tell you to use all the tools in your bag to make sure you didn’t drop out of your program to get in shape. You live with people – tell them about your goals and your program. You work with people – tell them about your goals and your program. You socialize with people – you know what to do. Update your facebook status to say you’re starting a workout program and plan on losing x-amount of inches from your waist. And tell all these people that you want them to ask you about how your program is going all the time – people are always looking for something to talk about anyway, you just handed them an easy one.

Unsure FaceIf what you’re thinking at this point is anything along the lines of “do I really want that much pressure?” then what you know right now is that you’re not serious about your goals yet. Of course you want that pressure! That’s how you keep yourself accountable, and that pressure is one more thing to drive you into Motivated facestaying consistent. And when you stick to your program and hit those workouts, you are going to love talking about it. You’re even going to love complaining about how sore you are – heck, you’re going to start enjoying being sore, because that’s how you’ll know you accomplished something.

Telling everyone around you isn’t the only way to help keep yourself accountable. stick post it notes on your mirror. Allow yourself certain rewards when you hit all your workouts in a week – or don’t allow yourself certain luxuries if you miss your workouts. Tim Cooley, the owner of, won’t allow himself to use his computer on a day he doesn’t workout – and that’s difficult if you’re running an online business, right? That’s a great way to keep yourself accountable.

Bottom line is, most of us have an excruciatingly difficult time getting and staying intrinsically motivated to exercise enough to reach our health and fitness goals. Consistency is the doorway to results; having a program and making yourself accountable are two of the major keys to that door. Next time, we’ll talk about another all-important key to your consistency – getting it into your head that exercise is your lifestyle.

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