Zits and Ankle Sprains

I am going to go ahead and say that at some point almost all of us have had a zit or an ankle sprain.   If you are the lucky one that had them at the same time then I say, “Well done to you sir or ma’am.”

Zit poppingI will be honest. I am a zit popper. I love watching them explode and get all over the mirror.  Sometimes you can even catch me on Youtube, for hours, watching zit popping videos.  In all my years of popping zits and watching them be popped I never understood Black Heads.  You know those little zit like creatures, that aren’t really zits, but you can pop them for fun anyways and see the pussy thing shoot out.  If you know the medical term I would love to know what it is really supposed to be called.  Why don’t they ever go away? You can pop them every day and they just keep coming back.

Ankle Sprain swollen ankleHow do ankle sprains fit into this you ask?  Well, the other day I was hanging out in the bathroom to see if there were any victims just waiting to be squeezed when my wife came back from a trail run.  She started complaining about her ankle hurting, AGAIN!  I mean she sprained it a few months ago and never really gave it time to heal.  But as runners do, they push on.  So, she came to me for advice about her ankle and I told her the usual; R.I.C.E. plus the Tylenol and Advil treatment.

Being the good and typical patient my wife is, she naturally didn’t do the most important of all the treatment protocol I recommended, REST!!!!!!  So the next time she goes out to run her ankle may swell up a little and she will probably complain about it hurting.  Then I will make some snark remark about how come she didn’t rest it. . . You can see where this conversation may go.

During this in my head rant of what I was going to tell my wife the next time she went running, I happened to be in mid explosion, of the black head kind, and I realized I was doing the same thing my wife was doing only on these poor Halflings of zits.  I never gave my nose time to rest.

You see when you are injured, no matter how small the injury, you need time to recover.


Fore Arm Before
Fore Arm After







Check out the pictures.  This is my forearm before and after I rubbed my thumb down the middle of it.  I didn’t hurt myself, but my body responded as if I did.  The redness you see is the process of Mast Cells coming to the rescue.  These cells release histamine which makes the area bring in more blood so you get the swell, like my wife’s ankle.  Now if there is something wrong other white blood cells come to the defense to keep out bacteria and junk.  They start attacking things and eating up all the garbage and eventually die.  If they die and they aren’t consumed by other white blood cells and then returned into the body they become, PUSS.  Yup the stuff I spray all over the mirror every morning!

Crazy right? See every time we squeeze a zit we start that healing response and then death of the white blood cells directly in our nose.  They need a place to go, so they get stored in the pore you just cleaned out.  And walla you have more ammo in the morning!

Like my wife’s ankle I have tried the treatments, which help, but the problem is I keep on injuring myself and it just needs time to rest.  Also like my wife I am not going to stop just because of a little injury I cause myself.

If you have an awesome ankle sprain or zit popping story I would love to know about it.   Commit below and we will share it on our FB wall.  Happy running and popping to you all.


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