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Rachel Savage

Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Rachel started dancing at the age of 15, there were no opportunities for dance instruction where she grew up in Bremerton, Washington so she taught herself the exciting and acrobatic style known as breakin (breakdancing) by watching videos and learning from online written tutorials. After moving to Utah at 18, however, she was able to expand her knowledge of dance and learn other styles of hip hop like popping and locking. She also joined a freestyle breakdance crew called the “Blowup Kingz” and has been competing in battles and doing performances with them for the past five years. Rachel began teaching breakin to any students who wanted to learn. She organized performances at school functions and charity events. Teaching is very rewarding for Rachel as she is providing a service she wishes would have had been available to her when she was younger, she seeks to instill greater confidence and self-esteem in people through hip hop. In the future she aspires to create a nonprofit organization that will make dance programs available at foster homes, troubled youth homes, and youth rehab centers, the aim will be to change lives in a positive way using hip hop as a tool.

Front Crossover

The Front Crossover is the most fundamental move in Hip-Hop Dance. It will be your go to move for start almost every sequence or your default move of you get tired or miss a step.

Side Step

The side step is usually used in conjuction with other move like the slide, groove or any other move. This move will help build confidence in you hip-hop dance routine.

Back Crossover

The Back Crossover is similar to the front cross over as it is another great starting point as we preogress into more combination like movements. When free styling consider doing a two frint crossovers and two back cross overs.

Three Step

The Three Step is a great move that allows you the ability to add a little flare to your dance. Once you get more comfortable with this move you can use it to move around the dance floor.

Front and Back Spin

Spinning is a great way to end a sequence of moves. Spins usually end in a Groove or a Pose.

Pose and Groove

Grooving and Posing are flare elements added to your routine. Throughout our fitness videos we will randomly groove or strike a pose. Practice your both your Groove and Poses so that you can be more confident when you dance!

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