Carly Yoga Instructor

Carly Brooke

Yoga Instructor

Carly believes it's important to pay ourselves compliments, without boasting just acknowledge and represent our body for all the work it does. We spend much of our time turning outward and focusing on outside things like comparing and judging ourselves to the world around us. So, take a moment and draw your focus inward to acknowledge yourself for some things you enjoy about who you are. Carly actively participates in life by being actively involved in yoga, running, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, biking, camping, dancing, sky diving, swimming and playing Frisbee with her golden retriever, Lillie. She is pretty tough, but also likes to let her guard down, find down time to relax and disengage by kicking back by a pool with a glass of wine. She loves spending time with family and friends and loves sharing her life experiences with everyone she meets; regardless if she has known them for 30 seconds, 30 days, weeks or years. She bears her soul whole heartedly. True happiness is within our soul. Life is beautiful, so let's start with a smile.

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